Monday, 16 March 2009

One of Those Days

Hi all. Goodness its been one of 'THOSE DAYS" in our house toady. This morning I had my day planned out in my head... Sort Andrew out, do the house work, update my blog, scrap, make a card , scrap... you know ... lovely thoughts !! BUT Andrew decided to go into early stages of a heart attack, just as a wee reminder to me that these things do happen in our house from time to time. No problem I thought, I will just fix this, well sometimes he is not simple to fix... here I am after tring the usual fix it routine, sitting him forward, hunting for his heart pills that I never usually need to use and at the same time tiring to turn off the alarm bells in my head that kept telling me to call for an ambulance! All the time Andrew was deteriorating fast.

Oh the Grey hairs I have gained today you just wouldn't believe! Anyway, ended up at the doctors instead of at my computer and at the dentist with Camden and the vets with the pup, instead of at my craft desk! Tonight I feel kind of drained!! But Andrew survived, by the time I had him at the doctors he was perking up and looking like he was going to live after all.

If he gets through tonight with no major hick-ups all will seem much more rosie tomorrow!

Tonight I will have to flag crafting as I really need both eyes on Andrew...just in case!

I will however do a quick up-date ...


Anonymous said...

You are amazing. You seem so calm when things are going so crazy. I admire you. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers - that you will have the strength you need to deal with all that happens.

Raewyn aka whinney said...

WOW Sonya, you wouldn't want another day like that one would you?!

I hope you both got a restful night with no drama.

hugs girl you are amazing.

Sandra said...

Gosh Sonya, what a day you had. You deserve a whole two, non stop crafty days to make up for that.
I hope Andrew is better now and you've found somewhere handy (that you can remember) for those heart pills.

Sandra said...

Gosh Sonya, what a day you had. You deserve a whole two, non stop crafty days to make up for that.
I hope Andrew is better now and you've found somewhere handy (that you can remember) for those heart pills.

Sandra said...

Oooops...sorry. Not sure how that happened :-(

whoistracy said...

Oh Sonya, I hope Andrew is back to himself in no time. That must be such a scary thing to go through. *hugs*

Ingrid said...

Oh had a tough time today. Sorry to hear about this. Hope Andrew will be fine soon.

Louise Williams said...

OMG Sonya, not the day you were expecting for sure! I'm glad Andrew is on the mend again and hope you get back to your scraproom soon!

Lyn S said...

Wow, what a day for sure! I hope your DH is well again. You sounded so calm about it all Sonya....I'm sure I would've been a nervous wreck after a day like that!

Donna Brisbois said...

Hi Sonya..I'm sorry you had such a rough day. I hope your husband is ok. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

Sonya said...

Thankyou all so so SO much for your very kind words and thoughts, That is so sweet of you all!

Jenny said...

Hi Sonya - I have just seen this now. How scary for you but glad Andrew is feeling better. You are an amazing woman

Amanda said...

Just popped onto your blog and seen this now, hope andrew is well again now xxx

Kelly said...

OMGoodness!! Such drama would have me hyperventilating and here you are all good and calm. I haven't popped in here for a while and caught up on this news just now - hoping Andrew is feeling a WHOLE lot better and you both are a lot less stressed.

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