Thursday, 25 November 2010


Just popping in to say hello.
My computer is in the fix it shop, it has a 'worm of some sort' and appeared to be very very sick when I tried to turn it on earlier in the week. Im using Andrew's lap top at the moment, but it will not let me insert images into my posts?? Very annoying!
 Fingers crossed our fix it man will work his magic and extract the worm from my computer soon and I will be back in bussiness!
Dear eldest son arrived home with a new puupy tonight...hmmm Im less than thrilled, but puppy is very cute! This pup is for working, not for hunting so that is a good thing.

What a sad, sad week it has been . We have been following the Pike Mine dissaster closely on TV and  really hoped for a brighter outcome. Our thoughts and love go out to all involved in this tragedy.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

There's a Fairy...

... in my garden!

This little fairy is a big fairy now. I dug deep into my photo box and decided to scrap this old photo of Aimee using a piece of the lovely 'Webster's Pages paper that I received from Andrea at SBO last month.

 The background paper is called Back to School and the paper range is called Wonderfall. I have cut images from a printed sheet of vellum and from Enjoy Life.

 The little stickers you can see are called Image stickers and are from the Wonderfull range as well. I have mounted mine onto card to achieve a little more dimension.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hot stuff!

Hot...sweaty and grubby!  This weekend was a busy one for our boy. Camden was a Marshall for the Duntroon School's Motor Bike Rally on Saturday. He had left home by 7am and rode all day until clearing the track by about 6.30 pm. This is what he looked like when Andrew and I arrived at the Rally around 3 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Camden fell into bed about 11 pm, and Andrew and I were not far behind him, the extreme heat, and wind of the day had worn us all out. So when the fire sireen bleared in our ears at 1.30 am we were all a little slow to wake. The first thing that come to my attention, upon waking to the shrill siren was the smell of smoke. I mumbled to Andrew that the fire must be close because I could smell smoke...then my brain jumped to life. Camden is a volunteer fire fighter and I realised he was not up so I jumped out of bed to rouse him. I open our bed room door which leads to our living area and there looking at me through our open windows were large bright orange flames, not too far from our house! I raced up stairs to get Camden who was just pulling on his trousers. We had a hasty look out of Cody's bedroom window (also upstairs) and saw that the paddock between our house and the main road was ablaze, the howling wind was playing havoc with the flames.
Camden raced off to the fire station, which is just over our back fence. I raced to the bedroom and after a quick chat with Andrew we decided it would be best to air on the side of caution and hoist him out of bed, just in case the flames got to our house. Getting Andrew out of bed is like getting him into takes time.
Anyway, to cut a long story short Duntroon Fire brigade, with the help of Kurow Fire Brigade saved the day and all was well at our house, except for the lingering smell of smoke.

This is the scene today-  photo taken from the main road  -  the up-stairs of our house can just be seen in the background.

 This burnt patch really is closer to our house than it looks in the photos.

I took this photo from outside our gate, its looking towards the main road ,and the fire damage.

Back to Camden for a moment. Tomorrow he sits his first NCEA exam. A week ago he sat an entrance exam at Otago Polytechnic, and as a result has been excepted for next year. Camden will start the Poly tech course at age 15, which is far too young in my opinion! I really do not want my little boy heading out into the big wide world already. SIGH

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another Webster's Pages Layout completed.
Cody, on floral paper, who would have thought that could work! Not me, but I challenged myself to give it a go anyway.

I used a blue and a green stamp pad to 'stipple' in a bit of sky, and texture.

As per usual I cut out tiny pieces of paper, this time the leaf with the butterfly and the house and globe, I really need to get over my fixation of cutting out, although these Webster's Page's paper have such delightful images that it truly is very hard to resist that temptation!

Webster Pages collection's can be purchased from The Scrapbooking Outlet NZ

On Friday night our good friends come to tea, it was lovely to be in their company, we really must make an effort to catch up more often!
Today Cody and Hannah went to Dunedin and brought Aimee  home for the holidays. University holidays are three months long! Aimee will not be idle though as she begins work on a dairy Farm tomorrow. This year she decided to have a change from restaurant work. It will be interesting to see how she likes life with the cows!

Friday, 5 November 2010

NZ Paper Chase

NZ Paper Chase

Follow your creative dreams...

Launching in March 2011 will be NZ's newest papercrafting magazine.

Incorporating the best of Up2Scrap and moving forward from there, Editor Steph Milne is excited to announce that the magazine will be distributed through Craft-Co Ltd, based in Christchurch NZ. NZ paper Chase will be published as a quarterly, due out early March, June, September and December 2011.

We have been in discussion with the team at Craft-Co for a while, about our vision for where this awesome hobby will travel in the future and with that journey in mind, the name NZ Paper Chase seemed ideal", says owner and editor, Steph Milne. "We will be announcing our new creative team for this adventure by mid december - in the meantime, keep an eye on this blog site for news updates.

A new website will be up and running for when the magazine reaches shops in early March 2011, however in the meantime, we will be sending out a special subscription prize offer next week care of this blog. Note that if you are an existing Up2Scrap subscriber, your subscription will not expire. It will be transferred to the new magazine and since we will not be publishing a magazine in November 2010 as per usual, all current subscribers will automatically be credited and extra issue next year.

So here's a creative challenge ....Incorporate the words "paper" and "chase" into a title/sub-title for a layout, card or off-the page item, email a low res file to Sonya at to load onto the Up2Scrap blog site and go in the draw to win a years subscription to NZ Paper Chase. Closing date for this prize offer is midnight, Friday December 10th

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Thanks so much to those of you who have checked out Birds of A Feather Craft Together, thank you also ladies for your lovely comments. Carol and I need all of the 'love' we can get :-)
Hope you get some time to join us in our first challenge.

Webster's Pages are the 'order of the month' for me. I received a gorgeous pack of 'Your Life Beautiful' from Andrea at Scrapbook Outlet to work with. Check out my first page...

That little guy in the centre is my Andrew. Both his lovely mum and dad are gone so I am working on creating an album so that both  Andrew and our children have these precious memories preserved.
This range of paper by Webster's Pages lends itself beautifully towards heritage style layouts.

 As always I have a little bit of paper cutting going on

and layering. I have added a few buttons from my stash, and gathered a piece of fabric, just to add a little bit of texture and height.

Today has been super hot here in Duntroon. after work I headed out to do some work in the garden, I began by pulling out a few weeds, then progressed to the chainsaw for a bit of late pruning! After a short time I was too hot so headed inside to have a major throw out in the wardrobe. You wouldn't believe how fast clothes shrink in our wardrobe! 

Hope the sun shines for you all tomorrow

My Favorite Musuc

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My Scrapping

Here is my finished latest painting

Here is my finished latest painting
This one is a hit with all the males who have seen it. I must say that I did not really enjoy painting a truck and it will be a one off for sure! Uncle David is now the owner of this one. Next project on thepainting scene is going to be a fisherman- for my Uncle Graeme who is wanting me to paint him something. Really need to get onto this one!

Finished at last- I think

Finished at last- I think
At last I think I have pretty much finished this painting for my uncle. Do hope he likes it.

My waterlillies

My waterlillies
one of my recent paintings

Naked Lady

Naked Lady
One of my last years paintings

Aimee and Bob

Aimee and Bob
A painting I did a while back for my daughter

Click on our house to see a little of where we live.

Thank you

Just want to say thankyou to those of you who have been kind enough to take the time to leave a comment or sign my guest book. Always get a buzz out of knowing people have been here for a wee look! THANK YOU!!

Check out my talented nephew Tony...he's the cool dude singing!