Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Check this out!

This is so much fun! Check out Wordle. Its so much fun! Liz introduced wordle to those of us who took part in Sundays nights Bossy Scrapper .
I must send you all a warning here though, If you have things you want to get done today, or tonight DO NOT go there now!! Wordle is somewhat addictive!
Check out the 'wordle' on my page from Bossy scrapper, round #17

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Labour Weekend- Monday

Monday was soo hot here that we took time out and headed to this little spot in paradise. The River just down the road. The water was so very clear and inviting that even I took the plunge- be it ever so briefly! The young adults in our house transformed back to childhood and had a blissful time. the boys , being boys spend a fair bit of time devising ways to be more adventurous. The ski road and tie down come off the back of the truck and before we knew it there was a swing in place. A fun time was had by all, a lovely end to the weekend, and so nice to all be doing something together.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hi there. I am just doing a quick up-date before I get cracking with bringing in the washing, getting tea on and all of that mundane stuff!! Have the Bossy Scrapper on the go at 8pm tonight so thats an incentive for me to get moving! Yesterday was Andrews Birthday- 43 years young, scary stuff. Yesterday also saw me racing to finish my layouts for Scrapbook Studio, that took priority (of course) over poor hubby's birthday. I did however manage to complete layouts and bake a birthday cake, then upload LO's into the gallery AND make birthday tea. Was lovely to sit down late in the evening with a glass of wine and relax a little.
Today we had intentions of heading to the lake to catch up with Cody and Nud (codys mate from Thailand who is staying with us this weekend), how ever slight problem with a puncher in the car tyre meant that Aimee had to take our van to her work in Kurow, leaving us home bound. Of course I made good use of my time... no I didn't spring clean or garden, I made an ATC card for the latest ATC challenge, the theme is Fantasy and I had such fun getting messy with paint, ink, beeswax etc.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A quick update!

Gosh its been a while since I've popped in to update. Life gets busy doesn't it and it gets so hard sometimes to make time for the things you enjoy doing , the things you HAVE to do kind of take priority!! At the moment I am tring to work out how to make an advent calander for a swap on Glamourgirls. I am also involved in a puzzel swap which will be such fun! I have my puzzel pieces (all nine of them) in the post at last! Two pieces are sitting on my desk awaiting my attention. First I have to get some pages scrapped for the Scrapbook studio. I received a lovely box of the most beautiful papers today, my only concern is that they have to be posted into the Gallery on Saturday- Pressure!! There will be a few night shifts coming up between now and then!
Its my wonderful Hubbys birthday on Saturday, am yet to buy him a presse, a job for Friday!
Catch you all soon, must not linger too long here tonight- lots to do!! Take care.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


This week has seen life quieten down a little, yeeharr!! Andrew and I had a lovely lunch with Robyn in town on Monday. It is always lovely to spend a little time with a friend.
I managed to get my altered CD finished so it is, at long last on its way to Ngaere. Will post a pic soon as Ngaere receives it. Kristi was sending her swap to me, and it is so very true Kristi style- perfact! Will take a photo of that and the very special 'other' surprise Kristi also sent me tomorrow. I was super lucky as you will see very soon.
I have my next Travelling Stamp project finished and it will be on its way to Rebecca tomorrow. Still busy with swaps, there is a puzzel one coming next an advent calander!
Both of these swaps are new to me, so will push me out of my comfort zone-once again!
No more news on Andrews leg. Still on meds for his DVT and still doing the blood test trips to Oamaru.
Aimee and Camden are back at school and both seem settled in after just one day back.
I have popped all of my latest ATC photos on my blog for you to see. Awesome arn't they!
Will pop a few photos on also that were taken in the weekend.
I have started a little tidying up in my garden this week!! Big effort on my part, I would rather be in my craft room!!
Sending smiles and sunshine to you all.XX

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Home , at last from a long day in Emergency department at Dunedin Hospital . Why we were sent to ED I will never know, but we sat there from 11.30am until about 3.30, quite obviously Andrew was not an urgent case. Guess we should take comfort in that! Anyway by 5.30 we were pretty much out of there with a plaster cast in tow. Andrew is going to be even heavier for me to lug around now, reckon I will be a contender for the iron woman contest at the end of it all! If Andrew was a walker the Doc said they would have had to put in a metal plate because the break was so bad, but as walking is not looking likely in the near future they went with plaster. Lot less risky for people in his situation by all accounts. After plaster the x-ray showed that the leg was in the wrong position. his lower leg has a slight bend in it where it should be straight. However after another hours wait it was decided that as he doesn't use his legs it would be okay for it to stay that way, unless down the track his bones don't fuse together!! I guess they are the guys who's professional opinion we are supposed to trust. So I have fingers crossed and am tiring not to cringe too much at the thought of how painful it might be if Andrew had feeling!!
I guess tomorrow it will be back to Oamaru hospital for blood tests again and back onto the DVT treatment. Oh for just a little time out in my craft room!
Had to replace our washing machine, the repair man seemed to think it had lived out it's life span of a whole seven years!
Thank you all so much for your well wishes and kind thoughts, that is lovely of you all.
I do hope everyone of you out there had a wonderful day. Bye for now.XX

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Today saw us at the Doctor's bright and early with Andrews leg, and Andrew! I rolled Andrews ankle around to make sure the Doc could hear the grinding- Yuck, I am cringing at the thought! He sent us to Oamaru Hospital for an x-ray and we sat there until 4.45pm until the Doc was ready for us...oh the woman's days I have read just wouldn't believe!
Andrew is home in a temporary plaster cast , he has a major break in his shin bone and in his fribia bone ( the other bone in your ankle??). Tomorrow morning we head to Dunedin and will no doubt do a whole lot more waiting and reading of Woman's weekly while the Doctors decide if they should pin the bones or put another plaster cast on.
No craft work is on the cards again tomorrow. I so need to finish a swap I am doing through Glamourgirls
and Meek's 1+1+1 challenge on Scrapbooking by Design
Such is life!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Our Camden is a Fire Man! At the tender age of 13 Camden is Duntroon's youngest fireman, and although he is not allowed to attend a fire in the Fire truck until he is 16, he is allowed to go in the water tanker.
Yesterday afternoon the fire alarm sounded and Camden, who had been at the Garage doing running repairs to a motor bike, squealed up the drive in next to no time (aboard the bike, he'd been fixing). It was all I could do to keep the smile off my face!! His boots and fire clothes are on the way, can't wait to see him all dressed up! Definately a scrapbook page coming up there!

Friday, 3 October 2008

October 3rd

Another month closer to christmas!! Where is the year going I just cannot keep up!
This past week has been a busy one, so much trailing back and forth to hospitals! Andrew was diagnosed in Dunedin hospital on Tuesday with Deep Vein Thrombosus. Lucky for us the clot stayed put! Wednesday we went to Christchurch to meet Aimee, David Laura, Tom and little Joel at the airport. That was the high light of our week! So nice to have Aimee home again - well we had her for two nights anyway, she is away to a friends for the night at the moment. LOL!!! I am pretty sure she does love us...really!!
Today we were back in Oamaru for Andrew's treatment, received a phone call from the Lab today, just after returning home informing us that the doctor wants Andrew back in tomorrow for more tests. Blast! Thought we might get Saturady off- no such luck!Unsure if thats a good sign or not, I asked but received a very hazzy answer that told me nothing at all!!
My work in the craft room this week has been null and void pretty much- just had no time. I did manage however to get the october Challenge uploaded to the Scrapbooking by Design gallery and create my layout to go with it. This is my first ever turn at putting up the challenge!! What a worry- no one might do it- no one might like it I am thinking! Pressure!! The ladies on the forum and the design team are very kind though and left me some lovely comments, very very sweet of them! Anyone at all out there looking for a challenge and wanting to make a needie ladie's day be sure to check it out !! Follow the link to the forum by clicking on my 'October Sketch Challenge' picture above this post!
I am up to date, pretty much with my swaps and challenges, although I did miss the Bossy Scrapper on Sunday and was unable to squeeze in the September Challenge, which i'm sad about as they both looked like fun!
The perfect end to the week come this morning when my washing machine died- and the repair man said he could not get here untill Monday!! Come Monday he wont be able to find us for the great pile of washing we are going to be surrounded by!

My Favorite Musuc

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My Scrapping

Here is my finished latest painting

Here is my finished latest painting
This one is a hit with all the males who have seen it. I must say that I did not really enjoy painting a truck and it will be a one off for sure! Uncle David is now the owner of this one. Next project on thepainting scene is going to be a fisherman- for my Uncle Graeme who is wanting me to paint him something. Really need to get onto this one!

Finished at last- I think

Finished at last- I think
At last I think I have pretty much finished this painting for my uncle. Do hope he likes it.

My waterlillies

My waterlillies
one of my recent paintings

Naked Lady

Naked Lady
One of my last years paintings

Aimee and Bob

Aimee and Bob
A painting I did a while back for my daughter

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