Sunday, 26 June 2011

Today we went for a walk around the Duntroon Cemetery, really makes you realise just how short life is.

Yesterdays trip to Mosgiel was a big one. Camden's 'lovely' horse did not want to get into the float, I had to admire Abby's patience and perseverance. Rose had a major choking issue when she inhaled some hay she was eating into her lungs (or where ever it goes)?? And was a very sad pony for a little while. However today she is very happy and enjoying the sea under her hooves and the wind in her mane. I doubt she will want to go back to Mosgiel.

Photos compliments of Abby Bowman's face book page.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Horse'in around

Hi there. Not much news today, today was much the same as yesterday. Friday began when I woke up at 4am...feeling hungry!! I'm being very good on sticking to my 'no junk food and no food between meals' rule, but this morning was the third morning in a row that I have woken up at 4am hungry. And then of course my mind begins to think of peanut butter on toast (which I'm not eating either) and lots of other things, as your mind does when there are no other distractions. So once Aimee got up at 6 am I got up as well. One would think with such an early start I'd achieve alot in the day....but no I have to say that I did not.

Tomorrow is going to be my first ever go at towing a horse float, complete with two horses all the way from Dunedin...that's if I manage to get the float to Dunedin in the first place! Youngest son and his girlfriend Abby are coming home for their three weeks of holidays, and it would seem the horses must come to. So if your on the road and see a large white Transit towing a horse float then....beware !!

For the rest of the weekend I'm sure to be washing as Camden always saves his washing up to bring home for me.
Hope you out there all have an awesome weekend. And to those of you lucky enough to be at SENZ, have fun, wish I could be there as well.

Just because I hate to post here without a picture (words always look boring by themselves don't they) I'm going to pop on a painting I did a while back of our dear old dog Bonny

And here's another song form the album Adele 21...I'm in love with her music...can you tell............???

I'll be Waiting - Adele

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Walk with me?

I'm turning onto a new chapter of my life...not before time. I have taken up walking everyday and I've cut out junk food so I'm hoping for a new, slimmer, fitter, younger looking me. Watch this space!

Thought you might like to come on my walk with me today.....

First thing I pass when I get to the end of our street is the church, check out the little cross sitting in the window .....


 A right turn at the church and I'm on Earthquakes road...this is what I see....


Up the road I come across our three sheep, well ours by default really. We own a little farm cottage with a little piece of land and two of these sheep were left here for a short overnight visit by their owner, that was about three years ago, still no sign of the owner. One of the sheep had a lamb (but that's another story) and as its a bit of a chilly day we shall press onwards. 

 To the left of me the scene  looks pretty much like this for most of the way....

Looking to the right again and we see black sheep, these girls are not ours, but do seem to find me somewhat entertaining!

 Are you puffing yet?? I'm puffing a little bit

 This is why I always walk the same way everyday, I love the view and the peace and the feeling of solitude once I get to the top. (you may need to click on the photo for a better view).
The road that runs between the trees is the Kurow- Oamaru main road

My lovely dog Tui always comes for the stroll, and seems to enjoy the view as well

Often I carry on up the next hill, but today this is as far as we go because it really is getting chilly!

 It's the little things that make life big!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Award excitment

Last night I received an email from Scrapbook Awards to tell me that my page I submitted last month had been chosen by the judges for first prize, and that's not even the most exciting part! As a category winner I'm now in the running for the title of International Scrapbook'er of the year! Fat chance, and no show of me ever winning that, but what a buzz just to get in! And by all accounts I've won a prize, no idea what, I never expected to win any category, so Ive never studied the 'prize' part.

For some reason blogger is playing up and will not let me add any photos, which is a little annoying as I photographed my walk today  and did intend sharing them...maybe tomorrow blogger might be sorted.

All go this morning with the uploading of photos, so now I can show you my page...

Wow! I just found out that I have won a Fuijifilm Finepix 12 megapixel digital camera
How cool is that!
Dear daughter has reminded me also that she needs a new camera, so its not looking as though I'm going to end up with this prize.

Now I know many of you are wonderful scrapbookers so why not pop a page in the latest comp running at the moment, if I can win something then you will have no trouble at all claiming a prize!
You can find Scrapbook Awards HERE

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Today was another quiet one, I scrubbed my house from top to bottom, baked Louise cake and went for a long walk...thought I might be able to find my 'mojo' :-)

Mojo is still in hiding, but I did find this lovely quote that caught my fancy (not on my walk), so thought Id share it..

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts. So, when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will!
Hope Floats -1998

Aimee is coming home sometime to night, so my craft space is going to be a little crowed, my room is off her room, so unless I take the lift I have to trail though 'her space' which she is not always that happy about!
Aimee is going to find three weeks back in  Duntroon very quite after living the hi-life in Dunedin, check out these photos I stole off her facebook page...(sorry Aimee)

I'm guessing that's not orange juice??

 ...and just what is that guy doing with your hair???

Youngest son rang today to proudly tell us that he and his girlfriend Abby celebrate their 6 month anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend today...ain't love sweet. Today they are going out of tea, with a donation from us of course.

Here is a recent snap of the two of them.

 Eldest son is hunting still, the cold weather does not seem to phase him at all. Below is a photo he took on a recent 'outing'. Cody seems to be quite a 'handy man' with his camera. (This photo is worth clicking on for a larger view...check out the frost on the grass..Brrrrrrr )

 And, last but not by any means least here is a photo of the lovely Hannah (Cody's girlfriend). This German girl can give any kiwi girl out there a run for their money I'd say.

Hope you all had a great Saturday and that Sunday brings sunshine and smiles your way.

P.S Check out my two latest favorite songs below.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A Frosty start

This morning sure was chilly at our house, in fact the whole day has been chilly.

  Check out the ice on our roof Brrrrr.... I wasn't outside for very long!

 ...and I fear that the herb garden I have been tending all summer long is not going to be with me for much longer.

Today has been another very unproductive day for me, my 'mojo' is still missing.
Aimee comes home this weekend, for three weeks and Camden comes home the next weekend for two weeks, so things are going to busy up around here for a while.

Cody's lovely girlfriend Hannah has been successful in obtaining her visa, so we are going to have her around for a while yet, which is awesome. WTG Hannah!

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Adele - Someone like you (lyrics in description)

Just photos today

Hi there. Today I have no crafty stuff to share with you. I've been a little slow in that department the past few weeks. However I am working on my next brief for Paper Chase Magazine, only, I am not allowed to share that with you...sorry.
Have you seen that latest issue yet? Its in your book shop now.

Anyways, thought I'd share a few photos with you. First of all here is one of me, taken 5 minutes ago. LOL, I hate photos of me , for obvious reasons!! As you can maybe tell I'm sitting in my craft room in front of my computer tyring to find my mojo!!, just for a laugh here is a photo of me taken 100 years ago (well it feels like 100 years ago)
I am quite sure I WAS happier than I look :-)

 Recently Andrew brought me a DigiTech negative scanner, so I've been going through my box of old negatives and converting them into photos. The colour is not as vibrant as it could be, but other than that these little gadits are wonderful. Check out the cute pups in this photo. I'm going back 200 years ago! Goodness me how the years have flown.

Thats all from me today, off to get some tea on the go now. Hugs to all and thanks for popping by. xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Tickled Pink Blog Hop

This month I have been super lucky to have been chosen to be a guest designer for Tickled Pink stamps and today is  Tickled Pink Stamps release day Blog Hop.
All week there have been previews of these scrumptious Pinkett, Tom Boy stamps over on the Blog. Now is your big chance to be in to win some amazing stamps for yourself.
Now.....if you have arrived here from the lovely and very talented Tasha, then you are right on track!
Here is my card, created using the super sweet 'Audrey'

 I've added a bit of net (from and old onion bag) to try and create a 'fish net'

 ...and of course I had to add a fish!

Thanks for popping by and best of luck to everyone taking part in the blog hop. To continue on with the hop you now need to go and visit the lovely Agnes HERE.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tickled Pink with Bobbi

Bobbi is the name of the stamp I received from Tickled Pink to work with today. I decided to go with a simple colour combo, in keeping with a 'tom-boy' theme. I really struggled as I always over-do and just love to add flowers! So, here is my no flower take on Bobbi....

 The challenge this week at Tickled Pink Stamps is to add texture to your card, so I tried to keep this in mind and created plenty of texture using cardboard, paint, clay, tulle, feathers, paper ribbon and textured Bazzill.

 ...oops, and stitching, I almost forgot about that.

Because I really, really felt a need to add some flowers somewhere I made another card...

 There is heaps of texture on this one...

...and my flowers

Thanks for looking. Hope you can join in with the challenge. The prize up for grabs is a choice of 2 Digital, or one rubber stamp of your choice...and what a choice there is, check out the Tickled Pink Stamp collection here.  To see some scrumptious cards, using this image of Bobbi click HERE

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Im a Pinkette...for the month!

This month I get to be Guest Designer at Tickled Pink stamps, which I am , well, tickled pink about of course! This is the card I made using one of the soon to be released Pinkette Lil Tom Boy stamps.

Check out the blog to see the rest of the clever Design Team's wonderful cards. And join in with the challenges if you dare, Kellie always has wonderful stamps to win!

Check out the latest issue of Paper Chase, I have created a couple a cards, that are in the magazine, that also use tickled Pink Stamps. I'm addicted to them!

Home for the weekend

Last weekend we had visitors a plenty at our house.....take a look.....

first up we had Rat-A-Tat...

...and we had Star...

 ...and some hairy lad...oh...I do believe that is youngest son, who has forgotten how to use his razor since leaving home??

 And, last but by no means least we had the lovely Abby to stay as well.

Its always lovely to have to have company at the weekends.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I've been a scrapp'in

Hi there, Ive been a long time absent. My mind has been else where lately, but here I am back again. Tonight I am tyring hard to get some cards made, so far I have completed half of one card and Ive been at it for 3 hours, so tonight has not been a huge success. I have also been playing with a computer programme lent to me from my lovely friend Kristi, who is the star in my scrapbook page below.....

Kristi come to stay with us a little while ago, she was lovely company so I just had to scrap the event.
I have lots of layering going on in this page, which is based on the sketch I put together for this months challenge over at Birds of A Feather.

This is another page using the same sketch, this time I have attempted a Vintage type page. (Sorry Christopher and Andrew I'm not really inferring that you guys are vintage)
I've never really mastered the art of 'Vintage Scrapbooking', I always add too much colour and too many embellishments.

 I found these acorn 'pockets' in the garden and thought they would fit right in!

 The 'boy' image was one I found on this lovely blog....

I love these Prima leaves and printed flowers, they add such a lovely texture.

Here is this Months Sketch and... is the prize that's up for grabs. Be sure to check out our blog for details, simply  click on the following link

Tomorrow we are off to camp Iona Andrew has been asked to be the Guest speaker, at the moment he is busy working out what he is going to say...must say that his progress is not looking any better than mine! Could make for an interesting speech!

Bye for now, and thanks for looking :-)

My Favorite Musuc

Download this mp3 from

My Scrapping

Here is my finished latest painting

Here is my finished latest painting
This one is a hit with all the males who have seen it. I must say that I did not really enjoy painting a truck and it will be a one off for sure! Uncle David is now the owner of this one. Next project on thepainting scene is going to be a fisherman- for my Uncle Graeme who is wanting me to paint him something. Really need to get onto this one!

Finished at last- I think

Finished at last- I think
At last I think I have pretty much finished this painting for my uncle. Do hope he likes it.

My waterlillies

My waterlillies
one of my recent paintings

Naked Lady

Naked Lady
One of my last years paintings

Aimee and Bob

Aimee and Bob
A painting I did a while back for my daughter

Click on our house to see a little of where we live.

Thank you

Just want to say thankyou to those of you who have been kind enough to take the time to leave a comment or sign my guest book. Always get a buzz out of knowing people have been here for a wee look! THANK YOU!!

Check out my talented nephew Tony...he's the cool dude singing!