Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oldies, but goodies

Sorry!!! I have been a bit busy, life has been getting in my way lately!!
Monday saw us in Dunedin , I had to go see a doctor about joint problems I've been having, seems I'm a bit of a medical mystery!!
Tuesday we were in Oamaru, I had to have a few tests done and Andrew had his regular visit to the podiatrist.
Wednesday we had planned to be grape picking, but woke up to last!! I thought we were never going to see rain again, cannot remember the last time it rained here! Anyway was a lovely change and it also meant that we got to stay at home.
My Uncle come for a visit and had Cd's of old slides, so we spent a good part of the afternoon looking at those. I now have a copy of many of the old photos...woo hoo....plenty to scrap :-)
I would love to show you all of the photos...but don't think I would have enough mega bites on my blog , so will just share a few...
Hehe, That's me when I was about three, grubby looking thing aren't I!

This dapper looking couple are my wonderful, much younger dad and mum.

Check out the rainbow of colours! This photo is one from my dear Aunt Rosa's wedding, my mum is the flower girl in the lemon dress.

I love the vibrant red crab apples in this photo of my wonderful, sadly departed grandad and I am itching to scrap this one!
Thanks Uncle Jim for the photos, and Thank you Auntie Rae for the feathers you sent for me.

Already I have one of these photos scrapped...hmm which one do you think it is??
I will show you my page tomorrow, as I have a huge mess...again, in my craft room and need to have a clean up and get some shut eye!
I will be back tomorrow.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that it was our 2oth Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday.
Sweet Dreams to you all xx


Sharon & Nick said...

Those photos are just awesome. I really love the one of you with that very old fashioned bottle. I hope all is well with both you and Andrew - healthwise.

Take care

Rose said...

Oh these are wonderful!! thanks for sharring them with us :-) I think you have scrapped the one of your grand dad (its the one i would do first) hope the drs find what is causing you trouble soon and can fix it :-)

Axel....{Carol} said...

Oh those photos are so clear,i do wish i had some nice shots like those of my early years,I think you have scraped the little you lol.
And a BIG CONGRATS on your 20th :)

Jenny said...

Such lovely photos and it was very in to have a rainbow of colours at a wedding. Cute then and cute now - that's you

Linda Beeson said...

How neat - I know what treasures those are to be able to have!

Lyn S said...

What fabulous photos, you are lucky to have them, and in such good condition....and you were a little cutie Sonya!

Hope you get your joint pains fixed, and Happy Anniversary for next week!

Wilma said...

Congrats on your 20th Wedding Anniversary! And hope you're feeling better soon!
I think you scrapped your photo first! It's so cute and sweet! I don't have colored pictures of myself (am I that old already?), only black-white ones. I love the way you look at the camera! Just adorable!

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