Friday, 20 August 2010

One mans rubbish... my treasure!

Dear hubby saved this cubby hole shelf from being buried by uncle David because he was sure I would find a use for it...
As I dragged it inside and grunted and groaned as I struggled to fit it into the lift, Andrew made mention that is was too heavy, and was going to look ugly in my room, and really he should have let David bury it....
...but of course I got it upstairs, cleaned it and painted the edges and spent to the wee small hours of the morning rearranging my craft space, and fulling up the cubby holes....

Andrew was very surprised when he come upstairs the next day to view the results! My new set of shelves look awesome and my work desk is a whole lot more spacious now all the bits and pieces are off it!
Thanks Uncle David for your rubbish ...I LOVE it!

This past week has been another busy one. For the first time since starting my teacher aid job at the beginning of the year I was called home on Wednesday as Andrew was having a dysreflexic attack, my poor dad who was with Andrew was not far off a heart attack himself with the worry of it all!! I usually walk to work which I see now is a big mistake as I had to run for home asap...if dad had not come racing down the road ( in the van) to pick me up I may well have had a heart attack myself...that would have been all three of us !!
Anyway, long story short, all was delt with and all three of us have lived to see another day.

Yesterday I went to a Teacher Aid course in town, while David loooked after Andrew for me (thanks again brother in-law) The course was rather hard to stay awake through, and all that I really got out of it was that Duntroon School does everything right! Couldn't help but feel privileged and lucky to work there, with such a great team of people.

Today I went to town again, this time to the hairdresser who hid my grey hairs for me...always a bonus to have them gone!

I only managed to squeeze one
scrapbook page into this week, its my example for this weeks Kiwiana challenge at Scrapbook Outlet, the challenge this week is to create a page leaving lots of 'white space'.

This is what I come up with...
Now as many of you know I'm not a huge fan of 'white space' I love to spread out and full up my whole page!
So. I have squeezed a whole heap of bits and pieces into one area of my page
The photo shows our lovely daughter, who had come straight from the hairdresser's after having her hair styled ready for the school ball... this is her image in the she removes the newly set curls from her hair...LOL!!! For the ball the following year she did her own hair!!

To view more details of this weeks challenge over at Scrapbook Outlet click HERE

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday, and thanks for dropping by. xx


Wishful Thinking said...

Yes I quite agree that one man's rubbish is another's treasure :-) hehee Your shelving looks fantastic - very pretty :-)
Hope Andrew is okay now (and your dad!)

Axel....{Carol} said...

Oh that is perfect for your room Sonia.I tried to post on your lovely beach layout but got frustrated because i could get logged on lol.Anyway i REALLY love the layout you did of the girls at the beach,it oozes summer.I'm sad that your so busy,i miss seeing you about,don't run your self ragged
don't forget you time.

Rose said...

what an awesome trash to treasure item!! you did a fantastic job :) your page is beautiful and i love all the white space (ok something i can't do so i like to see others do it!lol)
so glad all three of you got through with no heart attacks!!

Tricia said...

Great shelving!!!!!! Really does look great.
I work a 5 min car ride away and always think i should be walking however you just never know with kids :O)

Your layout is stunning - I'm enjoying your work.

Louise Williams said...

oooh that looks awesome chickie!! I'd be totally lost without my wee pigeon hole shelf thingy as I can't stand a heap of stuff on my desk. Yay for Andrew (and the rest of you) being fine too! :)

Liddy said...

Love the shelving it looks amazing, fantastic job. Love the page and the story behind it, just gorgeous. It tells a lot about your daughter too, she knows herself better than others LOL!

Today for Tomorrow said...

You are amazing. Such a busy stressful week and you still manage to decorate furniture, rearrange your scrap space and get another beautiful page done. Love how you have condensed your style into the smaller space. ... And what neat shelving. Hope you can relax some time very soon.

Lyn S said...

Ooh, love your recycled shelves Sonya...wish I could find something like that for my craft room! Love your pretty layout too!

Sharon & Nick said...

I am glad to hear that Andrew is much better. I hope that all goes well in Christchurch. I love what you did to the cubby hole shelves - just stunning.

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