Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Its not the load that breaks you down
its the way you carry it.
by Lena Horne

That quote has come to mind more than once this past week! Really though, things are okay in my world.
Andrew has survived another autonomic dysreflexia attack. He has been taken off one lot of anti biotic and put on another one, so here's hoping hes back to his self again soon...for all of our sakes! His pressure area is improving as well so its looking good for getting to SENZ next week, at this stage!

Youngest son got home safely and we have not locked him up, he's a good kid really, just a pretty normal 15 year old I guess.

Now to crafting, which, like my blogging has been on the back burner a bit.

Andrea, from SBO sent all of us, on her Design team this totally adorable kit to play with...
Here are the first two pages I completed....
The Sandman Comes title was taken off a rhyme, of the same, on one of the 12 X 12 patterned paper's in the kit, called Fly a Kite/ Garden, by October Afternoon (you will find it here).
Everyone needs at least one piece of this paper in there stash!! Its adorable.
The little boy images, and the rhyme are all cut from the October Afternoon paper.

These lovely chipboard pieces are by Crate Paper. You will find them HERE.I spent ages cutting the leaf images from this patterned paper.The paper tape from the kit is super versatile, I placed a strip onto transparency and cut it out, then layered it over another piece of tape to add dimension to my page.

And from the kit again second LO...
This paper can be found here I've used it for a heritage style page, but do check out this page by Megan Renfree to see it used on a modern day LO. This is another very versatile piece of patterned paper!

Here are more images from my favorite piece of paper from the kit, October Afternoon

Lace, glimmer mist and a little ink are the only extras I have added to these pages. This kit really has all you need to complete several layouts. This week I have used the rest of the kit to complete four more 12 x 12 pages, with minimal other product added.

I cannot show you these until next week though, after they go into the gallery

If you love bright, fun colours then you are going to love the latest kit! Check it out here .

Thanks for visiting!


Rachel said...

Sorry to have missed you to Sonya was really looking forward to catching up :-(
But am very glad to hear that Andrew is on the improve not nice when you have set backs but sounds like you manage like a trooper!
Hopefully we can catch up again soon :-)

Lyn S said...

You seem to have a lot to deal with lately Sonya, hopefully you will all be back on track soon. Love your layouts, glad to see you are still finding some time to create beautiful artwork!

Axel....{Carol} said...

Hi,pleased to here Andrews a little better and number 2 son got home safe.You know,if i ever win lotto,im buying you a ticket on a cruse ship,you are a wonder my friend,dont know how you cope.
I love that paper with the sand man on to,you LO is devine.

Sonya said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. Life is full of set backs for us all isn't it, its just the way it is I guess.
Carol, I will hold you to that cruise trip, so long as you come along as well ;-)

Wilma said...

I wish you and your dear ones all the best! Your lo's are stunning again! I love those little guys!

sue said...

Haven't done much blog hopping lately! Your layouts are just brilliant!
Your writing is heart-tugging!
I hope Spring comes into your life soon and that Carol wins Lotto! :)

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