Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Attitude is Everything

I know it may not be the 'done thing' to be on the Design Team at one web site and to take part in a challenge, or competition at another web site and I'm sorry if that upsets anyone, but quite frankly I do not care .... it all about Attitude!!..
Attitude is Everything that is the theme for the competition on this month at Scrapbooking by Design
I know exactly the stage of my life when attitude become so much more than just a word.
After Andrews accident and after many days and nights of sitting beside Andrews hospital bed in the ICU ward the hospital social worker decided it was time I went for a visit to Burwood Spinal Hospital. I had been told that this was the place we would be going if, and when the time come that Andrew was well enough to leave ICU. IF was a word used alot by this particular social worker, whom I come to despise very quickly. I am not a hateful person, in fact I try hard to find the best in everyone but.... 'Social worker man' had this attitude ...always expect the worst. He kept telling me that the chances of Andrew surviving were not good!!
I had made up my mind of course that Andrew was going to be just fine, and I did not want to be told any different! Looking back now, I guess that man was just being extra careful not to build up false hope.
Anyway, my visit to Burwood was like a slap in the face! There were people 'lots of people' in wheelchairs, on beds and trolleys. These people could not walk, or move much at all for that matter. I will remember for ever that sick feeling as reality hit me in the face... this was going to be our life, my Andrew was not going to walk out of that hospital bed, jump into the car and drive us home. And even more horrific and incomprehensible to me, at that time, was this thought..."Why are these people smiling and laughing and looking happy, what have they got to be happy about...nothing at all as far as I could see. I felt my life was in shatters at this stage.
When we did move onto Burwood it soon become apparent that Attitude was what life was all about. Having the right attitude and being brave enough to believe in your attitude made everything okay. I got us through so many trials.
Here are a few photos from our 'Attitude collection'
A skinner me feeding a skinner Andrew his lunch.
Early days at Burwood, Andrew was attached to this breathing machine for months!
We will never forget the staff, or their wonderful, cheerful, caring attitudes.
This photo was taken as Andrew was being prepared for an ambulance ride back to ICU. One of his lungs collapsed. Life is full of little hurdles to be overcome!
Andrew getting 'better' . What freedom it was when Andrew was able to sit in a wheelchair. We were caught several times sneaking to the Fish and Chip shop, breathing machine and all. I used to work up quite a sweat getting Andrew in his push chair and his breathing machine there and back, all the time taking great care to ensure the breathing tube did not fall out of Andrews 'neck hole'
Our 'can do 'attitude caused a bit of concern for several of the doctors at the time!
A good attitude was a must when our children were with us during school holiday time. Moral had to be kept on a high for the sake of our family.

Getting back to SBBD's last!! Attitude really is everything . The right attitude can get you so far in this life.
No one I know has a better attitude to life than my my husband so this page is for him...

This LO had to have fabric, chipboard, paper cutting and ... favorite, stamps.

The young man next to Andrew broke his neck playing College rugby. His break is at the same level as Andrew's, C3/4 . Anaru will never move or have feeling below his neck either, but just look at the smile on his face... that guy has attitude as well!

For anyone out there who read this long rambling post I apologise for the length! I should really have two blogs, one for craft and one for personal ramblings!
and remember... If you don't think every day is a good day then just try missing one!


Today for Tomorrow said...

Sonya this is a very thought provoking post and layout. I hope you keep your personal and scrapping posts together. You and Andrew are very inspirational people and your creativity very inspirational as well. ...and you are right "Attitude is Everything". Good luck with the competition.

Sandra said...

Awesome Sonya. Love the layout and very touched and inspired by your post. GO you and GO Andrew!!!!!

Louise Williams said...

I love the layout and all the thoughts and feelings behind it. You guys are amazing :)

kiwimich said...

Attitude is everything! Thank you for your story and beautiful layout. Life is never going to be perfect all the time, and it is through struggles like these that you discover people's true character.
Sonya, you are an amazing person, be proud and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Rose said...

girl i have tears running down my face. what a beautiful life story and so touching. so glad you both kept the right attitude :)
your page is stunning!!! oh and i am on DT's and still play with other challenges so all i can say is .... you go girl, join in all the challenges you like :)

Rachel said...

Sonya me too - thanks for the post, you, Andrew and the kids are such an inspiration. The road you have is a hard one but one you have tackled head on and with "attitude & a huge smile" thanks so much for sharing.

Robyn said...

Hey My darling friend I love you guys and your attitude and you are soooo right about everything. love the page xxxxxxxxxx
Love Me xxxx

Sharon & Nick said...

Hi Sonya. Your post bought tears to my eyes. I can't even begin to imagine what you and your family went through. It is so very true - attitude is everything. You deserve to win that competition. Take care and you and your family are always in my prayers.

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