Sunday, 4 July 2010

Can you Help

Have to say I've had one very long weekend. Andrew has been unwell, I missed the Scrapbook Day in Oamaru, that I had so been looking forward to attending with Dianne. Ive spent far more hours than I like to spend in the kitchen and tonight dear youngest son, after the weigh in for the hunting competition decided he would not come home with eldest son, instead he is staying some where with someone I know nothing about....If I knew where he was I would be going to pick him up!!! He is going to be in for a stern talking to tomorrow when he gets home.
Anyway besides that I should not moan or feel sorry for myself because there is always someone worse off... Like Ben for instance...

Ben is 22, lives in Samoa and recently broke his neck playing rugby and has been left a c5 complete tetra plegic. He is in desperate need of medical supplies and equipment.

Two very kind doctors are traveling to Samoa on the 13th of July, at their own expense to see what they can do to help Ben and to teach family how to look after him.

If anyone would like to help Ben in any way just click here

On that note I would have to say that my weekend was okay.

Andrew is a little brighter toady, and medical help is not far away for us.

Dianne forgave me for not making it to the Scrapbook day, I spend no money at all and I had plenty of time to cook.

The boys won a few goodies for their efforts in the weekend hunt

And as for Camden, he will be home tomorrow, in fact he will be home for a very long time because he will not be allowed out until he's 21!! :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend


Leah said...

Oh Sonya...I'm so sorry to hear that Andrew hasn't been well and that you've been under so much extra stress. But your positive attitude despite it all is really encouraging and is a wonderful reminder that even in times of trial we still have so much to be thankful for. I will say a prayer for your youngest, that he makes it home safe so you can deal with him :) *lol* Big hugs to you...

Liddy said...

Isn't so true that as soon as one thing goes wrong, there's always something else. Don't blame you for being mad about your son that's for sure. Hope things get better soon and you can get a bit of "chill time".

Axel....{Carol} said...

Oh standard answer is.."boys!!! whod have em" and when he gets home he will look at you with that(whats the problem )look and say well im home safe.Boys just dont get it do they,and poor old mum sits at home stressing all night and they wonder why we explode when they get home lol.I do hope Andrew is geting better it must be hard on you and very fustraiting for him at the moment.Sending big ((((HUG))
to you guys xoxox

dizzy Lizzie said...

Sorry to hear Andrew is sick and as for Ben wow so sad! I wish I could help......As for us things are loking brighter and i am getting help! being home is making so much of a difference to me and my outlook on last I have learnt to slow down. hugs from me xxxx

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