Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mothers Day

My children all treated me well on Mothers day. Cody gave me this lovely reminder of spring, and offered me one of his venison sausages for breakfast, which I politely declined :-) How sweet of him though, his sausages are very precious to him and he does not offer them to just anyone!

Aimee sent me this card that she had made, along with an apology for only being able to find a red pen,LOL- shes not the worlds most organised person :-) This card is truly an Aimee made card, and I love it.

Aimee also sent me this gorgeous bracelet
Camden took Andrew for a drive to town late this afternoon and brought me home a lolly-pop :-)
Didn't I do well!
Thanks to you all my wonderful children

This afternoon I took time out to do what love to do, here is the result

At this stage my journaling is a little sparse, but I need to visit an uncle of Andrew's to get my facts straight before I add anything else.
This photo was taken in the very early 1900's (approx1909 we think)
Its kind of strange to think of that little boy and girl not being around any more, they just look like they should still be out there on that swing, I wonder what life was like for them, and what they were like?
This little angel button felt 'right' for my page, it kind of represents these two children who are not here any more.I scavenged through my supply of 'accent jewelry' and added a part of an old earring, just because I like it!
I hope all you mums out there had a wonderful mothers day
Here's a poem I found that I though you might enjoy...
A Mother...
When your a child she walks before you to set an example.
When your a teenager she walks behind you to be there
should you need her.
When your an adult she walks beside you so that as two friends
you can enjoy life together.
author unknown


Today for Tomorrow said...

Sonya you have created an absolutely stunning layout which is perfect for that special lovely photo you digitally rescued. Gorgeous.

Wishful Thinking said...

Happy Mothers Day. Cool presents from your kids!
Love your LO as well. Just beautiful. You did such a great job restoring that photo!

Liddy said...

Love the poem, brought a tear thinking about my Mum, Lord I miss her. Twenty yrs without ya Mum is a long time! That layout is absolutely stunning, you really are an inspiration and an artist.

Axel....{Carol} said...

i got a lovely poted flower to,and some venerson!! same deal lol
Oh i just LOVE that layout and what a awsome photo,hope you find out about them,its not always easy trying to find out stuff when you get down a few generations.

sue said...

Oh, that LO is simply gorgeous, Sonya!I love how you incorporate amazing bits and pieces to make a beautiful artwork!

Lyn S said...

I knew you would come up with a fabulous layout for this photo's just beautiful!!

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