Sunday, 28 February 2010

Zentangles anyone?

How was your weekend???
On Friday night our eldest headed for the hills with two of his mates and their hunting dogs.
On Saturday morning we were woken about 6am by the fire siren, which boarders our house...lucky us!!
Camden rushed off to help fight the fire and made it back just in time to jump into his kilt and round up his pipes before we hurried into town to the A & P show. Camden is a member of the Waitaki District Schools Pipe Band and the show is an annual event for the band.
Sunday brought another early start with me jumping out of bed just after 6am to be a passenger for our leaner driver (Camden again). We drove around the road to pick up petrol for Cam's motor bike. I clenched my seat belt and said my prayers the whole way there and back!!! I thank my lucky stars we did not have any more children, and that Camden is the last child I am going to have to sit in the car with while he practises his driving!
Once home Camden headed off on his motor bike for half a day of volunteer work on the Kurow bike trail track. I jumped back into bed for a couple more hours of shut eye.
Now for the best part of the weekend... my highlight was when my very best friend come to visit. She always brings sunshine and fresh ideas into my life.... today was no exception, Robyn introduced me to Zentangles... a word I had never before heard!!

What is a zentangle I asked ??.... well a zentangle is a method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns and its surposed to be fun and relaxing...

This is my first attempt at a zentangle, well not quite the first attempt , I threw my first 20 attempts in the bin before Id hardly put pen to paper. I'm into order and planning and really struggled with the randomness of creating a zentangle, but here it is anyway.....

...very random, and not at all wonderful. I'm going to have another go and see if I can improve on this, I hope I can improve, I mean I cannot get ANY worse now can I !!
I had a city scape theme in mind when I began this crazy doodle, but I got very lost along the you see the word city in there????
Thanks so much Robyn for your company and inspiration. Do please show us yours :-)

Check out 'much better than mine' Zentangles HERE


Robyn said...

OMG !!!!!!!!! That is awesome and guess what i will not be displaying mine just yet as I have a few finishing touches to see to !!!!!!! LOL I will be practising a few new patterns today xxxxxxx

Robyn said...

hey I have been searching for the word but cant see it. I have the c and the I but nt sure about the t and y. I am sure its me though or you have made this a real challenge and I have failed. Havent given up yet !!!!!!

Wishful Thinking said...

Supposed to be fun & relaxing huh! :-) Sure looks complicated to me! I like it though. You are very clever.
Thanks for visiting my blog :-) I am trying (might be a bit of an ask!) to get 3 months worth of holiday photos scrapped before the baby comes! hahaha ... we shall see :-)
Hope you are having a great day.

Donna said...

Are you kidding me? This is fabulous can you think otherwise. You are soooo talented !! Thanks for sharing.

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