Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fly away Bruce

Look at Bruce now......hes grown into quite a character and I'm quite attached to him, but hes a wild bird and should be free so,on Saturday Bruce had his first taste of freedom.
Here he is, free ranging on the lawn close to the aviary that has become his home.

Bruce was out for a hour but would not fly away! He just wandered around the lawn exploring and picking up twigs and leaves.
Sunday morning I had a second attempt at setting Bruce free. After some time I decided that he was not going anywhere again. However on his way back to the aviary he found his wings! It was lovely to watch Bruce circle the house roof and land near the top of one of our big old gum trees.
Bruce was free, or so I thought! A short time latter I spotted Bruce sitting on the front fence, I approached him, thinking that he would head for the sky again, but no, Bruce looked at me, opened his mouth and began squawking for his lunch!
To cut along story short, Bruce ate and went on his way and I saw no more of him on Sunday.
Monday was a little bittersweet when Bruce did not show for breakfast, or lunch. Late afternoon I crossed the road to my mum and dads vege garden, to pinch a fresh lettuce. On passing their garage I stopped in my tracks when I thought I heard a squawk...could it possibly be Bruce I wondered?? Well it turned out Bruce had been locked in my dads garage since late Sunday afternoon! When I opened the door Bruce come flying at me, landed on my shoulder, beak wide open and pointing at my face, as much to say "wheres my diner!!'
Bruce is home again, he shows no interest in heading off into the blue sky's at the moment and he has been singing ever since his return to the aviary. Does anyone know if the male, or female magpie sings, I'm still not sure of his gender?
I guess Bruce will go free one day, but just now it seems he does not want to go anywhere.

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Axel....{Carol} said...

what a lovely story Sonia,it reminds me of the hawk we rasied, in a large cage we quikly made, after collecting it from the side of the road,it had a damaged wing,it must have been hit by a car.It was so cool to see it fly of when he was all mended.

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