Saturday, 22 August 2009

Anniversary and... storage.

Today was the anniversary of Andrew breaking his neck... Five years ago our whole life changed big time! We didn't celebrate today, in fact we tried not to dwell on this anniversary at all!!!
Tomorrow we head to Burwood hospital for a week, funny that this visit should fall so close to that dreadful day five years ago.
On to brighter things now...
Here is my entry for week 4 at Crafty Tarts. This was a tough one, we had to create an inspired storage idea. At first I thought this was going to be so simple as I have my ribbon holder that I had made from a handy towel holder...but alas, I could not use that as I had already posted it onto my blog. Hmmmm... after lots of thought and coming up with blanks I had a poke around my room to see what needed a better storage space. Look what I found!!...
this great tangled mess!!
My embroidery threads and laces really DO need a new home!
After poking in corners and under beds I found this treasure of a box that I always knew would be handy for something one day!
The only problem was ..what, and how was I going to go about transforming this old gift box!!First up I drilled sawed and dremmeled
Then I painted and sanded and ...
painted some more.
Next I sawed...
... hammered, glued...
threaded, typed
cut and stamped, glued some more...hammered some more ...until...
FOL LA!!! ... Look at my threads and laces now...all neat and tidy and mounted on my wall , just waiting for me to reach in and start creating!
I still have a little detangling to do, but I'm getting there!
Thanks again Crafty Tarts!!!
Check out the other wonderful storage ideas here, I am going to borrow some of these ideas myself!


Rose said...

awesome!! i love how you reused a box and now have such a beautiful piece to not only keep things all tity but look beautiful in your craft area :)

Wishful Thinking said...

Well that's the sort of anniversary you don't really say "happy anniversary" ! Good luck for this week. Hope it all goes well.
And my goodness that lace & thread storage you have created is beautiful. You are sooooo clever. Love it. :-) Enjoy using it :-)
Hugs R

Louise Williams said...

That storage box is fantastic! I should get you sorting out my wee scrap hovel... LOL. Good luck with the hospital visit, try not to dwell on the past and get back to scrapping as soon as you can! :)

Wilma said...

No congrats on this anniversary! I admire your strength to go on and wish you all the luck of the world! What a great box you've created! It's a piece of art itself!

Jenny said...

That is just an awesome storage box! Good luck this week at Burwood

tilly said...

What an amzingly talented lady you are words leave me its simply beautiful as are you Sonya you have a huge heart and I wish you and your husband all the best for the week ahead at Burwood..
Take Care

Lyn S said...

What a fabulous project Sonya! You made an ordinary box into a beautiful work of art!

Hope the week goes well for you and your DH.

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