Thursday, 9 July 2009

Home again..Warning Long Post

On Saturday, late afternoon I packed up the van and Andrew, Aimee and I headed for Burwood. Andrew was booked in for his check-in at Burwood Spinal Hospital at 11am Monday morning. Before that Aimee had a train to catch to Picton at 7am on Sunday morning, I had an awful head cold/flue thing going on and was feeling yucky! However, we woman are a touch breed and life has to go on, so box on I did. That was a big mistake!!
Sunday morning we were up at to get organised and made in to the train station with plenty of time to spare. It was kinda sad waving goodbye to our Aimee as she chugged out of sight for three whole weeks on the Tranz Rail train.
Next up Andrew was keen to go to McDonald's for breake, I was still feeling yuck and a little ill but Andrew looked so excited by the idea that go to McDonald's we did.
Our next mission was back to our digs to load up the inside wheelchair and deliver it to the fix it man at New Brighton. By the time that was done I just wanted to curl up in a hole!! The rest of the day Andrew watched tele and I slept.
Monday was away to the hospital, booked in, scans and Xrays were taken and plans were being drawn up for the weeks schedule. I felt a tiny bit better, but kept as much distance between myself and the hospital as I could , not a good look being unwell in the hospital!
Tuesday morning dawned and Andrew woke with my bug. We rung in and told the hospital...Big Mistake number 2!! Panic buttons were pushed big time! We were told to stay put and go near no-one. Next thing a Dr appeared at our unit and explained we both needed to be tested for the Swine flue...goodness me I just had a yucky cold that I had shared with Andrew...that cut no flack with the Dr. So we said yes to the testing. That was at 8.30 am. We were told to pack -up in the mean time as we were being sent home after testing!! LOL All this from the hospital Doctor!!
I was repacked by 10.30 and we sat waiting until 2.30 for the testing equipment to come from the main hospital, all the time our phone was ringing just to check that we had no intention of leaving early.
At last a nurse knocked at our door, dressed from head to toe in protective clothing, Oh My Gosh, I just wanted her in before anyone saw her at our door,I was feeling like a leper by this stage! Andrew was tested and given a pack of Tamiflu, by all accounts I had had the bug too long to be tested and they could not give me Tamiflu, goodness me I was beginning to think it was curtains for me!! LOL Anyway we are home again, yeeharr I am at last beginning to feel better and the test results showed that Andrew did not have Swine flue. On the down side we have to do the whole hospital trip thing over again in the near future! BOO HOOO.

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Raewyn aka whinney said...

Gee talk about being treated like lepers alright! Hope you are both feeling better soon ready for the next trek to Burwood.

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