Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A case of the wobbles ( 15 July 09 )

Oh my gosh, at about 9.20pm tonight I was sitting at the computer brushing up on my photo shop skills when my head felt to be doing a major wobbly thing!! I though arrrr no, my dizzy head is back! LOL, I have a bit of trouble these days with major dizzy spells. I stopped tapping the keys, looked ahead into the window - which serves as a mirror of sorts when its dark outside and oh my goodness, my whole head was wobbling from side to side, this really worried me until I had a shout from Andrew from downstairs. I got up from my seat half expecting to fall over..from my dizzy head, but no all was okay. Anyway down stairs Andrew was going on about an earth quake ...what a big relief I felt, an earth quake I could cope with. The blinds in the kitchen were swaying off and on for close on a minute so it was all kind of exciting. I do hope that is the last of it though!


Sharon & Nick said...

Oh dear - I heard about this on the radio this morning and it sounded really serious. I am glad that you and your family are all ok.

Lyn S said...

Too funny Sonya, at least you know there's nothing wrong with you!

We had a tsunami warning over here for the south east coast, but nothing eventuated apart from some bigger tides than normal.

carol said...

I did wonder if you got a shake,
scary!!! Pleased to hear your all ok down there.

Jenny said...

I heard about that shake - hopefully you had no damage. Lovely l/os again as usual

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