Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Come for a drive with us

Today I left my craft room...yes it's true... and Andrew and I went for a drive up the road to have a look at the Benmore Dam, that's about 40 minutes drive from where we live.
Here is snap shot of our drive through my camera lens

First stop was Kurow, our closest town, country town that is, population is about 300 during a busy year ! We brought fish and chips from the Restaurant our daughter works at during the school holiday and ate by the river. At the moment the river is in flood, and this bridge is closed between 6pm and 7am. With so much water flowing under it there are safety concerns. Free range sheep take on a whole new meaning as we near the Benmore Dam!!

See that huge load of water spilling from the dam?? That is the reason why our rivers are flooding at the moment. The spray goes for ages!

We are getting a little closer to the dam now, and rather a lot wetter from the spray.

Here we have driven over the top of the dam and are viewing the spillway from the other side

White water rafting comes to mind!!

Heading back towards home now, we are doing the full circle and driving back on the opposite side of our three lakes.

As is usual, we have our dog family on board so we stoped to give them a frolic. This is Bid, our sons pig dog...she has fast become part of our family and really does have a lovely life, she has her basket by the fire and favorite spot on the couch..hmmm not the usual pig dog kind of life I guess!
for more on Benmore dam and video footage taken yesterday if you are interested! It really is a spectacular site to behold!!


whoistracy said...

What a beautiful place you live in!! Thanks for the tour. :o)

Sandra said...

Wow....loving the colours of those trees Sonya. I remember visiting the Benmore dam when we were staying at Otamatata for the Maadi cup a few years ago and I do love that part of the world. It's a good thing the lakes are full of water right???? I'm such a townie lol

Donna Brisbois said...

ah...now I know why you enjoyed my photo tour of my town I posted on my blog last fall...this was so much fun to see a glimpse of where you live halfway around the world. I hope you both had a great day...thanks for sharing.

scrappysue said...

if is how my husband these pics, he'll drool!!! (electrical engineer who spent a lot of time at benmore in his younger days!)

Rose said...

What a beautiful part of the world you are blessed to live in and enjoy. thanks for sharing your drive with us :D

Axel....{Carol} said...

That is so cool ,what a great idea Sonia,its defiantly beautiful down there and that dam makes a huge mist cloud.Sadly its not so beautiful where i live,although i do love the Auckland water front at night with all the lights.
Thanks for shearing your drive.

pittapitta said...

Wonderful photos.
In Germany begins the summer.

Lyn S said...

Wow, what beautiful countryside Sonya, thanks for the tour!

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Such a beautiful scenery! Must be nice to live there, will you adopt me?

Jenny said...

Beautiful scenery, Sonya - sounds like a great day

Annasmama said...

Impressive pictures!!!!
And your little dog is already grown up and such a cutie! :-)))
Love, Renate

Annasmama said...

Impressive pictures!!!!
And your little dog is already grown up and such a cutie! :-)))
Love, Renate

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