Monday, 28 November 2011

Ages..and ages

Its been ages since my last post! Life can get crazy and its easy to lose your way, then getting back to the things you enjoy is a huge struggle. 2011 is fast coming to a close and I have to admit that this year has been an odd kind of a year for me. Its been super busy with a handful, or two of 'stuggle' thrown in and  a sprinkling of 'stuff ' from the past that come back to make life interesting. Sometimes 'interesting is good, then somethings its not so good. Sure makes you think though and reflect on where you are at in the big scheme of things!
Ive had the pleasure of getting to know some 'cyber friends' a little better. The lovely Kristi come to stay with us earlier this year and Ive gotten to know a lovely lady by the name of Annie a little better through emailing. Its a shame Annie lives so far away because Id love to meet this lady, she is an inspiration to me.
I have text chatted, and spoken on the phone to a very old  friend from yesteryear, its nice to remember that I was young...once!
Anyway...back to the 'now'
Sometime ago I was asked to illustrate a book.I'm not good at saying, no..never have been, sometimes I curse myself for my inability to do so!! So I this was a slow process for me. I love to draw, but always realistic drawings. I was given photos of people and animals and asked to animate them..shock horror!!
After many bin fulls of drawings and cursing and frowning at my attempts the job was finished and now the book has been published. Here's a sneak peek at the finished book...

First the cover
 The first page...
 Here is the Black witch dissolving...had many attempts before coming up with this one!
...and the very last page in the book.

 A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Cody's Hannah's mum and dad who come to NZ for a visit all the way from Germany. Thomas and Petina are such lovely people, so full of fun and 'sunshine'. And I stuck a deal with Thomas, I learn enough German so that when they return for their next visit in two years time  I can have a conversation with them in German, and Thomas is going to improve his English...which, is very good already. So far I am doing new word every few days.I know I'm going to have to get a little faster to know enough to have a whole conversation!! Hannah is now on a plane home to spend Christmas with her family. We will miss her while she is gone. I do think we will have the pleasure of Cody's company at  tea time though, and already Mash, (Hannah's dog) has appeared at our house and is settling in for a bit of a stay it would seem.

 We have recently had another visitor as well, dear wee Max, who is son of Rachel and Barret, and grandson of my dear friend Robyn. This wee guy is so cute and it was a delight to get to spend a little bit of time in his company.

 Our Garage is up and running and we are at week four! Sadly Andrew has been plagued by a pressure area   just one week after opening and has had to be on bed rest for a good part of week two, and is now on bed rest again, for the same problem. Its looking like he may not get to the garage this week at all. Life does tend to dish out its fair share of 'issues'. Never mind though, tomorrow is another day and I'm ever hopeful that many bright moments will come this way.

One such bright spot come just last week when Camden gained the award of Top Student for the year in his Poly tech class. Today is his first day of being in paid employment. He was super excited to finally be getting the chance to work as a heavy machinery mechanic, I hope things keep getting better and better for him!

On a final note Aimee texted me on Friday morning to say her rat 'Dora" had produced eleven baby rats!!!! Hmmmmm I'm hoping she does not bring them all home for the holidays!!


Today for Tomorrow said...

Wow Sonya. Great to have you back but can see why you haven't been blogging. Your illustrations are fantastic - you are such a talented lady. Hope Andrew is up and about again soon. Camden's achievement is wonderful news. ... and as for the rats well ....
Take care.

Lyn S said...

Life has been busy for you Sonya! Congrats on the book, your illustrations look wonderful!

....I'd be keeping those rats away, eww!

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