Sunday, 25 September 2011

Change's on our horizen

Our Duntroon Garage stopped...just like that...on the 22.08.04, the day Andrew broke his neck. Ever since that fate'ful day there has been no operating garage in Duntroon, but that is about to change! Very exciting for Andrew as that garage was the love of his life! We are looking at re-opening on the first of Novemeber, all going to plan! First though there is a lot of cleaning up to be done...take a look.

 Life has been busy these past seven years and the garage show room has been forgotten!

 I have cleaned the windows for the first time in seven years (shame on me), took me several hours, over two days!!

I guess now that day-light saving has arrived I will have an extra hour in the day, just as well because I'm going to need all of the hours I can get my hands on!

Wish me luck!


ruth said...

Hey I hope all goes well with the re-opening Sonya

sue said...

What a milestone! Hope it goes well! Sue xx

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Here is my finished latest painting

Here is my finished latest painting
This one is a hit with all the males who have seen it. I must say that I did not really enjoy painting a truck and it will be a one off for sure! Uncle David is now the owner of this one. Next project on thepainting scene is going to be a fisherman- for my Uncle Graeme who is wanting me to paint him something. Really need to get onto this one!

Finished at last- I think

Finished at last- I think
At last I think I have pretty much finished this painting for my uncle. Do hope he likes it.

My waterlillies

My waterlillies
one of my recent paintings

Naked Lady

Naked Lady
One of my last years paintings

Aimee and Bob

Aimee and Bob
A painting I did a while back for my daughter

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