Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fire and Snow

Today has been a little on the chilly side, but tonight is going to be alot on the chilly side! Just a short while ago I snapped this photo out of the upstairs window, but by the time I grabbed my camera and memory card and got outside  this spot looked like .....

 ...this! the snow is falling thick and fast still, so I guess our trip to Timaru tomorrow will not be happening now. I dont think my Tui has seen snow before!!

The snow looks so nice doesn't it, but I feel sorry for the lambs and calves about to born in this

 Aimee was on her way home from Dunedin, an hour ago, but rung to say she was stuck in the snow, and had not even made it as far as the Motorway!! Camden and Abby have headed to Kakanui for the night as its going to be impossible for them to make it back to Dunedin. So at this stage they plan on coming back here to Duntroon tomorrow, and weather pending maybe heading back to Dunedin tomorrow afternoon, although I'm picking they will be staying here for another night or two by the looks of things!

 AND...thank goodness I did cut down those dead trees yesterday because our wood supply is dwindling!

 This afternoon Camden had a Fire call out, and I managed to grab a couple of snaps of him (in uniform) between the fire and the fire station! Tui is checking him out!

Now, its back to the fire and some hot soup.

Stay cosy out there!!

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Lyn S said...

Hi Sonya, I heard you were getting some really icy weather over there, hope it warms up for you soon!

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