Sunday, 6 February 2011

Our weekend and Aimees New Flat

Here is a brief take on our weekend...backwards.

Today the temature reached 40 and beyond,we had a barbecue to go to and almost melted away, even though we all sat under a large shady tree.

Once home I had to pop hubby onto his shower chair and wrap him in soak hose to cool him down!

 Yesterday Camden  rode in the Waikouaiti Rodeo so Saturday morning sleep in was not a go at our house.
Camden stayed on his bull for the required 8 seconds and scored 54, which is not too bad by Rodeo terms.

And, he wore a pink shirt!! I never thought Id see the day when one of my boys wore a pink shirt! The Rodeo was raising money for Breast cancer, so it was the 'Im tough enough to wear pink' theme

Abby's mum, nan and family friends come to watch as well, which was lovely of them. (Abby is Camden's girlfriend)

                                                              Not often I'm in a photo!!

 After the Rodeo we went onto Dunedin and ended up scrubbing the afternoon away in Aimee's new flat, which is really dirty and falling down!
Here is a wee tour......

First, the front entrance....

               This oven is filthy, although its hard to see in the photo, and only one element goes.

 ...this is what the plug looked like, its looking much cleaner now, but that grass is still growing through from outside!

 I started to scrub this wall in the kitchen, but it began to fall to bits under my cloth, so I  had to give up on it!

This place has cracks!

 Here is the lounge, and what you cannot see is the chimney falling in on itself behind that board, in fact the board has come unscrewed from the brick work because the debri is pushing it forward.

                                     Now, by crafting terms this door is beautifully 'stressed'

                      Woo Hoo...signs of renovation, the 'rat holes' in the walls have been bogged!

                                                                One of the bedrooms

                                                                          Another bedroom

                                                              ...and the bedroom carpet.

This is the cylinder cupboard closed as tightly as it will go. Behind the door is a window that has glass that does not reach as far as the frame (so has a large gap right along its bottom edge) And the outside foliage is growing very well through the walls!

 Check out the stylish curtain hooks in Aimee's bedroom curtains...but I will be sorting this out next weekend.

 I will also do my best to cut the lawn, once we gather up the broken glass, old clocks, bicycle, tin cans, clothes horse pieces, etc that lay skew en beneath it.

Do I like Aimee's new flat you ask?? ...'NO'!! I cannot believe students are expected to live in these conditions, These places are supposed to come up to a ccertain standard. Standards need to be improved I reckon.


Trace said...

Hope Aimee's made of tough stuff then, cos winters gonna be a tad chilly in there...Man the way they expect students to live. Love the soaker hose idea, bet your lovely hubby felt a lot cooler after that.

Today for Tomorrow said...

What a weekend Sonya!! It is appalling what people expect others to live in for rent (usually a sizeable one at that). I am sure Aimee will make the best of it and she will really appreciate it when she gets to move on to a better flat. A very innovative way to cool Andrew down. Take care.

Wilma said...

Oh Sonya! What a huge job you have to do! And I thought only in The Netherlands student-rooms look this way! The photo of your hubby, taking a shower, is cute!

Lyn S said...

I don't think I'd want to live in that flat Sonya, it looks like it should be condemned! I bet it will be very cold in winter too! I hope Aimee doesn't have to stay there too long.

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