Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hot stuff!

Hot...sweaty and grubby!  This weekend was a busy one for our boy. Camden was a Marshall for the Duntroon School's Motor Bike Rally on Saturday. He had left home by 7am and rode all day until clearing the track by about 6.30 pm. This is what he looked like when Andrew and I arrived at the Rally around 3 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Camden fell into bed about 11 pm, and Andrew and I were not far behind him, the extreme heat, and wind of the day had worn us all out. So when the fire sireen bleared in our ears at 1.30 am we were all a little slow to wake. The first thing that come to my attention, upon waking to the shrill siren was the smell of smoke. I mumbled to Andrew that the fire must be close because I could smell smoke...then my brain jumped to life. Camden is a volunteer fire fighter and I realised he was not up so I jumped out of bed to rouse him. I open our bed room door which leads to our living area and there looking at me through our open windows were large bright orange flames, not too far from our house! I raced up stairs to get Camden who was just pulling on his trousers. We had a hasty look out of Cody's bedroom window (also upstairs) and saw that the paddock between our house and the main road was ablaze, the howling wind was playing havoc with the flames.
Camden raced off to the fire station, which is just over our back fence. I raced to the bedroom and after a quick chat with Andrew we decided it would be best to air on the side of caution and hoist him out of bed, just in case the flames got to our house. Getting Andrew out of bed is like getting him into takes time.
Anyway, to cut a long story short Duntroon Fire brigade, with the help of Kurow Fire Brigade saved the day and all was well at our house, except for the lingering smell of smoke.

This is the scene today-  photo taken from the main road  -  the up-stairs of our house can just be seen in the background.

 This burnt patch really is closer to our house than it looks in the photos.

I took this photo from outside our gate, its looking towards the main road ,and the fire damage.

Back to Camden for a moment. Tomorrow he sits his first NCEA exam. A week ago he sat an entrance exam at Otago Polytechnic, and as a result has been excepted for next year. Camden will start the Poly tech course at age 15, which is far too young in my opinion! I really do not want my little boy heading out into the big wide world already. SIGH


Wishful Thinking said...

Wow a busy day and night for your household!
If I was Andrew I would have wanted to be out of bed too! Glad you are safe and your house too.

Trace said...

That sent shivers down my spine just reading it. Scary isn't the word...glad though they were able to bring it under control and that you are all okay.

Louise Williams said...

oh crikey hon, that's a bit of a rude awakening. Glad you guys are ok!!

kiwimich said...

That's the type of fright you don't want in the middle of the night! Glad it all turned out ok though.

Axel....{Carol} said...

Holly crap!! a little close,no wonder you got ready to move.Fabulous photos btw

Mrs Frizz said...

yep, that burnt area looks far too close to home ...

sue said...

Very scary!!
If Camden isnt into general learning at school, then it is better to be out learning in an area that he is really interested in. I hope it goes well for him. We need good trades people and fortunes can be made through hard work! :)

Jane said...

Thankgod your all ok Sonya .. thats way to scary on another note congrats to your boy for getting the place at poly tech I know they grow up way to quickly..

Lyn S said...

OMG, that was a bit too close for comfort Sonya! Glad you are all OK.

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