Thursday, 21 January 2010

Circle Journal

Thank you Cherie for completing your page in my circle journal and sending it home, in fact a BIG thank you to Sue, Amanda, Dianne and Carol as well, my journal looks great.
The idea of a circle journal is that you send away a book with blank pages! Your book is sent on from one person to the next, each of these people full in a page, or in this case two pages of your book and once the book has been around everyone...(done the full circle) it comes back to you, looking wonderful, as mine has done. Take a look for your self.....

This is my cover, completed by myself... the theme for my journal is 'Hand Made'

After my cover I have an introduction page just to let people know the idea behind my theme, and to pass on a few simple instructions...
here is another page I completed, just as an extra and because I wanted to!

My sister and I were encouraged to create from an early age thanks to our wonderful grandmother, I'm the child on the left, with my head down and concentrating hard, my sister is taking the whole exercise with a lot less seriousness and looks to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

Once you have completed your cover and introduction page you then get your album/journal started by completing the first page, or double page in this case.
This is mine...

I have recorded instructions for Rusty paper, handed on to me by a very talented lady by the name of Kristy Both of my pages use handmade rusty paper.

Sue was the first person in my circle of friends to receive and complete pages in my journal Check out that precious golden daffodil...

...complete with instructions

Spiral bracelet is the handmade treasure Amanda has based her page on.

Amanda has kindly made a bracelet for my page, and once again there are instructions so I can make these as well. Aimee has already made one following Amanda's instructions, and it looks great.

More jewellery ideas from Dianne. This page shows how to Bead Crochet.

I had to include a close-up shot for this one so you can see it clearly

I love the handmade flower embellishment as well Dianne.

Now, Cherie struggled with an idea for her page, but she has totally nailed it with this scrumptious recipe and....

this gorgeous page that has a hand made transparency of her mum, who is the 'owner' of the Lemon Cheese cake recipe.

Carol was apologising for her page not being "very good"...but it is very very good and I love Blueberry Muffins

Check out those tiny cutlery pieces and the flowers created from tiny beads

The only thing wrong with my journal is that it ends here....
...I didn't want it to end!!
Thanks again to you all for a totally top effort. My circle journal is very precious and I will be tyring out all of your wonderful hand made items. You are indeed all, an inspiration to me.
This Circle Journal swap I took part in was organised through Scrapbooking by Design
Check out The Art Room to see some photos of the other ladies journals.


Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! Sonya, this is such an amazing project!! Every detail is sooo stunning!! I've been looking at your blog and beautiful family!! You are an amazing person!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and I adore Lyn!! :) I'll be back again!! HUGS

Wilma said...

Wow! What a piece of ART you've got! I really enjoyed looking with you!

Liddy said...

What a gorgeous treasure your circle journal is, just love it, so inspiring, thanks for sharing.

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