Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bruce is getting around

Thought it about time I did an update on Bruce Almighty...yes he still lives here, with the budgies.

These days Bruce ventures out into the big wide world, although he does not go out of site. Yesterday Bruce and I gardened together.
I pulled weeds and Bruce grabbed, and gobbled up all the creepy crawlies he could.
I watered the garden and Bruce played in the puddles and under the sprinkler.
If I moved to a different part of the garden then Bruce moved to, some times flying along beside me, but usually he just trotted behind.

Bruce is a bit of a worry. A couple of days our wee dog Millie watched through the wire netting while I fed Bruce, which is usual. What was different about this day was that Bruce took a look at Millie, popped down off his log and wandered out of the aviary door where he stood looking up at Millie!!
Silly Bruce almost lost his life!! I lunged at Millie just as she lunged at Bruce, I was faster...Millie is even rounder and more unfit than I am!
As I lifted Millie up in my firm grip Bruce jumped up onto our other wee dogs back, lucky for Bruce Oliver is an old dog and looked unimpressed by the situation, but he just carried on following Millie and I inside., Bruce and all!

I could write a book on Bruce, but for now, I thought you may like a look at these photos I snapped today.


Liddy said...

What a fabulous story, the wee dog must have thought it was Christmas all over again LOL!

~~Lina~~ said...

I love this story. So cute!
Check out my blog where I mention you as one of my favorite blog.
Keep doing a great job!


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