Sunday, 21 June 2009


Somehow last week I lost my way to my blog...well not really, but were did the week go?

I did spend most of the week popping back and forth to Oamaru (our nearest town). Monday saw me in the Silk Centre in Oamaru searching through pattern books and fabric racks with our lovely daughter, the ball is coming up and my mum offered to make Aimee's dress. She is a brave lady, I sew but just know that sewing Aimee's ball dress could create a lot of stress! Aimee is doing the ball thing twice this year, she has been asked to the Waitaki Boys High School ball and has the St Kevin's Collage (that's the school she attends) ball coming up as well.

Tuesday was back to town for appointments.

Wednesday was going to be a day at home ..but... and don't you just hate but's...Cody's new dog (did I mention he had a new dog??) chewed the plaster off her leg so I had to zip her into the vets for a re plaster. Here is a photo of Tui , that was the name she arrived with. She is 18 months old and was very shy and so sad looking that I feel in love with her. She looked miserable for the first four days, and was so so scared of everything. Now she smiles as she sits in her basket by the fire, or on my knee and is looking like she has been here forever!Whats that around her neck I hear you ask?? Well last week she come up to me looking like this..LOL..she has been sticking her nose into the rubbish bin that sits in our laundry, and has the lid stuck around her neck as evidence!! What a hoot, I just had to get a photo before I removed it...but its not a great one as she did not like the red light that flashes on my camera.

Saturday morning saw us here...

...back in Oamaru, as Camden took part in the Pipe playing for the ceremony for the Boer War monument that has been relocated ..40 metres along the road...LOL, no joke!!

The sun shone for the occasion so it was quite a pleasant day all in all.
I have lots of things in the crafty line to show you but will leave that for another day as its past my bed time!!
Sorry about this long rambling post...and if you did read it all I hope you were not too bored!

One last thing..Camden went skiing today Uncle David was very kind and took him. Super sweet of him as Camden misses out on that kind of thing with Andrew being wheelchair bound. I'm too scared to drive the van up the ski field track...doubt we would even get up there in the transit?? And the wheelchair does not do snow!! So a big Thank you to Uncle David. Camden love his day on the slopes.


Wilma said...

With such a busy life I can imagine it's impossible to find your blog! How can you find time to do all you mentioned!
I'm looking forward to see the photo of Aimee going to the ball. I only have a son, but I'm always touched by seeing those "little" girls grown up in their ball dresses. Wishing you a lot of time to do all the things you've in mind!

Jenny said...

Hi Sonya - all that driving in and out of Oamaru! Sorry I haven't carried on with the competition at SBBD but I've just been too busy

Anonymous said...

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Lyn S said...

Your life is so busy Sonya, I don't know how you find time for any craft work at all!

Photo of the doggie is so cute....thought you must have made a makeshift collar to stop her chewing off the plaster again!

Annasmama said...

Oh, now I see you new dog, she looks lovely. I`m sure she is happy to live with you now.:-)))

And Camden was skiing a few days ago? While we have exremely hot summer days - unbelieavable, isn`t it? ;-))))

You are always so busy, Sonya, and yet so caring. You are the best!!!
Hugs and love, Renate

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