Saturday, 2 October 2010

KaiserCraft Dress-Up Dolls

Some time ago I received these in the post... I have to be honest and tell you that I felt tempted to light the fire with them!! Well, not quite, but I did wonder what on earth I was going to do with them! These Dress -Up dolls were the 'surprise' in store for all of the people who made it to the 100 point mark after round 8 of the Kiwiana Competition over at the Scrapbook Outlet.
It was my job, as a design team member to provide an example...ARRrrrgh
Much to my total amazement, once I began decorating my dolls my whole attitude towards them changed! I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and it took me back a year...or thirty... to the days when I was a girl who liked nothing more than to dress up her many dolls.
Here is my finished resulting pen/pencil holders....

Andrew laughed when he saw this one, and said she looked just like the little cartoon girl from the original KFC advert! (That makes Andrew pretty old as well, that advertisement goes back to the days when I used to enjoy dressing up my barbie dolls!)

I hand sewed tiny buttons onto my 'boys' shirt and made his belt from ribbon.

...he looks a little started!
Faux stitches worked quite well on the paper clothes

I used scraps of Echo Park paper that were left over from my August SBO kit

This is mum, can you tell by the apron?

To add dimension I backed parts of the clothing with cardboard, fiddly but fun!

Here is dad, looking rather flamboyant in his floral shirt!

...and ribbon tie!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the ladies create with their dolls. You can see what the other design team members come up with over at the SBO gallery. There are some very clever takes on this challenge.

Thanks for looking.

Hope you have all have a great weekend. I have been super busy in my garden, quite a change to be out of my craft room!


Wishful Thinking said...

Wow Sonya - they look fantastic! Such a lot of work!
I can relate with you wanting to light the fire with them at first though! (that would probably have been my thought hehee)
I would say you have totally rocked that challenge! :-)

Rachel said...

lol - I would have agreed with you - ARGH! But you have done a wonderful job well done!

Liddy said...

How cool are these? I wouldn't want to tackle them if I got them either but it just goes to show a true artist can rock the hardest challenge. Well done you.

Trace said...

They look awesome Sonya - and yep I agree, she does look like the KFC girl (now got 'the' song going round in my head lol). Vicki and I were laughing about drowning our ones...but yes, now am playing with them, am liking them more lol.

Rose said...

you did a FANTASTIC job!! love all the clothes and the looks on their faces. dads tie is awesome :)
**i would have lit a fire with them!! lol

Axel....{Carol} said...

lol @ the comments!!! burn them? drown them? or use them as dog toys hehehe.But now iv seen what you have done with them,i think they are pretty cool,although not sure id try it as there faces would be a mess...although i could do the Adams family.Totally fabulous Sonia,Andrew must get a kick out of seeing all the neat stuff you do.

Anonymous said...

Bloomin heck girl you never cease to amaze me. Absolutely fantastic and I am sooo pleased they werent in my mailbox because i would have put them in the fire probably.
Much love Me xxxxxxx

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